Team Introduction of NACIT

     Our team is set up by Northwestern Polytechnical University Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Institution

     NACIT consists of a group of Phd and master candidates with open mind and innovative spirit. Their research background includes naval architecture and ocean engineering, mechanical design, electrical information engineering, underwater acoustic engineering, automation and disciplines, which make the real interdisciplinary association work come true here. "Professional issues, professional solutions; interdisciplinary issues, collective research" is our working ideas, while the implementation of "the captain to grasp the overall situation, the module head in charge of the module, each team member of the division and collaboration," is our working framework.

     Besides, we have experienced consultation faculty and engineers from industry to give us guidance in overall design and assemble, navigation, control, image identification and so on.

     As a matter of fact, it is our first time to participate the RoboSub competition. We are all aware the great challenge and interest of which. During the process of designing, assembling and debugging our AUV, we have been undergoing lots of problems, but, meanwhile, we have gained much more, we learned how to solve stubborn tasks through collaborative efforts. We all feel pleasure to work together to harvest the ability to solve practical problems, more importantly, we obtained precious friendship!

     Now, we are trying our sprint to prepare for AUV’s best state, we all make efforts to acquire satisfactory scores, although it is not easy.

     San Diego, we are coming!